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From Then To Now

That was the first sojourn in The West. The second and longer one came after a Masters degree in librarianship from Dalhousie, 1981-83. The first job offer after graduation came from a regional library system in the southeast of Saskatchewan, so we packed up our belongings and two little girls and headed west for the second time. I remained in Saskatchewan for the next 27 years, finishing my library career in the Regina Public Library before retiring and coming home, as a newly single man, to Nova Scotia and settling on the beautiful Eastern Shore, near Martinique Beach.

There was no plan for a gallery in my future at that time, but things changed when my partner Wayne finished a barbering program at Eastern College in Halifax and was looking for a space to set up a shop in Musquodoboit Harbour. A beautiful large space became available, and part that space included a small room off to the side of the barber shop – a perfect place for a tiny gallery, with wonderful light, a cozy ambience and an incredible view.

So here I am, and loving it. Who knows how long it will last or where it will go, but for now I am enjoying this new role, and the opportunity to show my own work and the work of other artists and artisans from this eclectic and dynamic community.

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